Instafavicon - A Friendly Favicon Generator for Web Devs

Do you want to add a Favicon to your site or blog? Favicon is also known as Website icon which also shows your site's logo on the top of the tabs. So, In this article, we'll show you how you can generate favicon for your site or blog easily and without any help of software.


What actually is Favicon?

If you are newbie in the blogging, then probably you don't know about the Favicon. 

Basically, Favicon is a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon or tab icon, associated with a particular webpage or web site.

If you are not satisfied with this and want to know more about Favicon, head over to Wikipedia here.

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Creating Favicon with Instafavicon

Instafavicon is a great and free tool available to help the newbie's in the blogging field and for the web developers. This tool will surely gonna help you to save your precious time.

You can quickly create flat favicon for your blog and website. Customize it by selecting different fonts and choosing your favorite color. Once you are satisfied with your favicon, simply download it and insert it into your website.
Instafavicon Customizations
While creating your Favicon, you can select the best font among the seventeen fonts for your icon. You can also change the shape of your favicon; from Square to Circle and Rounded shape. This tool also helps you to change the background color of the image, simply change it with your favorite color or match it with your theme's color.

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After all set, you can simply download your favicon in the ICO format by clicking on the Download button. See, it's very easy. 😊

Final Words

Instafavicon is a good tool for the newbie bloggers and also for the web developers and it helps to save your time. But, it has some limited customization and options available. Nevertheless, you should give a try to it.

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