How to easily Remove Password Protection from PDF Files

Hello friends, if you got any Adobe PDF File which is password protected and want to remove that protection, then you can easily do that with popular web browser i.e. Chrome Browser by Google. Then you can save the unprotected PDF files easily without remembering the passwords. Isn't it cool?

So, here comes the way you can remove the password protection from any Adobe PDF file. Remember: This article is not about opening PDF file without password, it's all about removing password protection from them.

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Why Google Chrome?

Many of you started thinking that why google Chrome? Not any other software?

The answer is because Google Chrome is so popular browser and it is present on everyone's computer. Secondly, the process is easy as compared to another software. Thirdly, Chrome has inbuilt PDF Reader and Writer. We can use them to remove password protection from PDF files.

Removing Protection from PDF files

Let's start the process by opening the Google Chrome. If you haven't downloaded the browser yet, then visit this link and download it.

  1. Open any password protect PDF File with the Google Chrome.
  2. It will ask you to enter the password. Just enter the password of the PDF File and hit the Enter to open the PDF file.
  3. Now go to the File Menu (In the top) and choose Print (or press CTRL + P on Windows and CMD + P on Mac). Change the Destination to 'Save as PDF' and click the Save button.

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Google Chrome will now save the PDF File without the password protection. Next time you open that PDF, it will no longer ask for the password again. :-p

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