How to change Google Chrome's Basic Design into Material Design

Google Chrome is the best browser among the others and steadily adopting some principles and guidelines to bring a user-friendly interface. With the previous Google Chrome update for desktop, it becomes possible to change it's basic design into a material design.

Material design is a design language which is developed by Google. If you don't know much about it, you can simply visit here to get knowledge about Material design. 

Here are some of the screenshots, which shows the Material Design in Google Chrome:
Google Chrome Material Design
Google Chrome Material Design 2
Google Chrome Material Design Bookmark Bar
Google Chrome Material Design Notifications
Google Chrome Material Design Settings

So, the steps to change basic design into material design are very simple and easy, even beginner can do. But keep in mind that you have the latest Google Chrome browser, otherwise it will not work in the older versions. So, follow the steps below;

  1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://flags and then search for "Material Design in the browser's top chrome".
  2. Now change it's value from default to Material and click on the Relaunch Now button to save your changes and to see the material design effect live.
  3. That's it folks!
Congratulations! you have successfully changed the boring and basic design to the material design. I hope, you really enjoyed this Google Chrome trick. if yes, then subscribe us and share it with your friends. Good Luck !

Source : Sebastien Gabriel

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