How to Add Labels/Categories Widget in Blogger Blog's Sidebar

Blogger, a free blogging platform for newbie bloggers and provides many functions and various types of statistics. Apart for this, you can add some gadgets or widgets to your blog to customize it's look and to make it more attractive. So, In today's article we'll learn about adding a Label widget in Blog.

Okay! So,what actually is Label widget? These type of questions arise in the mind of newbies. The Label widget shows particular links that you have added categories to each posts.

How to Add Labels/Categories Widget in Blogger Blog's Sidebar

The label widget makes your blog look more attractive as well as helps to reduce bounce rate. Furthermore, many customization options are available so you can customize the label widget according to your choice.

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Adding Label Widget in Blogger
The procedure of adding label widget is very simple and easy. Below are the some steps, follow them.
  • Login to Blogger and select your blog in which you want to show the widget.
  • Then click on the Layout option; present in the left side menu of your blog's dashboard.

  • Now click on Add a Gadget option present in your blog's layout.
Add a Gadget

  • Here you will see many official gadgets present for your blog, scroll down to the Labels widgets.

  • Click on Add icon present next to the widget's name.
  • In this section, you can make some custom modifications to the gadget.
Customize Labels

  • When all done, click on Save button to save your widget and then the gadget will be added to your blog.
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