Hike Messenger Android app for Windows 8 PC| Free download

When people started using mobile phones no one of them has imagined that the technology of mobile phone will change into Android phone one day. Android phones have introduced many useful android apps and almost all of us are familiar to some Android apps. Hike messenger is one of those familiar names. Those who haven’t used it yet they also know the name of this messenger app. 

Hike Messenger is developed by a joint venture of Bharti SoftBank and Innovation India Private Limited and was launched on 2012. Apart from instant messaging there is lots more in Hike Messenger, like sharing photo, audio files and video files and voice messages. In the beginning Hike Messenger was only available in, Apple iOS, Android  , Symbian , Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 but now the developers has launched the PC version of Hike Messenger.

The rest you all know about Hike Messenger, almost 70% people are using Android phones and most of those Android phone users are using Hike Messenger. Do you want to use this Android App on your PC? If yes, then here are the steps to follow to download PC version of Hike Messenger on your computer. Just follow the tutorial given below and download Hike Messenger for your PC.
Go step by step to download the PC version of Hike Messenger:

Step 1:

You must have installed an Android emulator on your PC that makes you able to download and install Hike Messenger on your PC. Not only for downloading the Apk file of Hike Messenger but also for downloading PC version any Android app Android Emulator is needed. You will get lots of Android Emulator but I will suggest you to choose Bluestacks as it are the most popular one. If you don’t have any Emulator installed in your PC then, here is the link Bluestacks Emulator download it from the link given below:

Apart from this link there are many sites in the internet which offers you the download link for this Android Emulator.
Step 2:

After the installation is complete, launch the emulator software on your PC. You will get home page with a search button where you will also get some previously installed apps, click on that search button that you get in the home page.
Step 3:

Now, type Hike in the search box and click on the button to search it.
Step 4:

There you will get an Install option for installing Hike messenger.
Step 5:

Now, click on that Install button and the download of the messenger will automatically start on your PC.
Step 6:

Now, you have to wait for some minutes as it will take some time to get installed on your PC.
Step 7:

Here, you’re done with the installation! You can use this app from your Windows 7/8 PC.
Step 8:

But before that you have to launch Bluestacks and click on to this app.
Here you got the tutorial to download Hike Messenger for PC what you have to do is to just follow the tutorial and you will be able to download the PC version of Hike Messenger on your PC. Follow these above 8 easy steps and download Hike Messenger for your computer.
As Hike messenger is liked by the users of its phone version similarly the PC version of this game will also be very impressive. The design and the technique of using this app is just the similar one as it was in its phone version. Those who are using the app on their phone can use this app on their computer very easily. 

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