SEO Tips and Tricks for Blog Promotion and Beginners

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  • There are not really any tricks for SEO anymore. Any of the so-called tricks have now been designated as Black-hat SEO, and so are not advisable. They were ways to manipulate the search engines, and even if you know of a way of manipulating the search engines, you can be sure that it will soon be undone by Google. So, your best bet is to play by the rules.

    SEO Tricks for Beginners

    The SEO for a blog is slightly different from that of a website. There are different things to consider, such as tagged words, and there are somjjhhhhhh        e SEO factors that matter more with blogging than with websites. So, here are a few things you should consider when doing your blog SEO.

    Add social media commenting to your blog
    The code for this widget can be found anywhere, or if you are using a blogging CMS, then this is going to be easy to install. It is a comment section that allows you to choose how you can comment. Some of the widgets will allow a user to just enter an email address and a comment, and other widgets will now. What all the widgets will do is allow your user to comment via one of their social media profiles. Some widgets will even let people sign into their email account and then comment from that profile. This is a nice little SEO trick for getting social media markers for your blog, and the comments themselves have a snippet of SEO power too, so it is win-win.

    Optimize your blog images
    This is a standard procedure on websites because websites are often more full of images. However, on a blog it is often overlooked, which is a shame because just one image can add a drag factor to a blog. Your image needs to be lightweight, easy to load, with the bandwidth so that others may see it.

    Most images are able to have ALT text attached, in which case you should definitely add in ALT text that includes at least one keyword. Also, if you get the chance, you should also add in an image title and specific image keywords. You should also add a “share” widget to your image, and a Google+ and Facebook “Like” widget to the image. When you upload the image you must make sure that the file is named something that is SEO friends (i.e. it uses words, at least one of which being a keyword).

    Optimize the videos on your blog
    The videos on your blog are supposed to be optimized too. If you do optimize them, then not only will they improve your website SEO, but they will also drive a little bit of direct traffic to your site. Optimization involves the correct naming of the file, descriptive text, keywords, the video title, etc. You should also be aware that the links pointing towards the video will also affect your SEO.

    Use caching technology on your blog
    This is going to make it so that people can navigate from one page to the other without having to keep reloading the page all of the time. It makes navigation a little quicker and more efficient.

    Keep your bounce rate down
    This is more important for a blog than it is for a website. If your blog has a high bounce rate then the search engines will assume that the written content is pretty poor. This will result in you getting a lower search engine ranking.

    Add unique/original content to your blog
    This is another factor that is more important for a blog. You need to post unique/original content so that the search engines know you are keeping your blog up to date.

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