How to Add Facebook Comments Box in Blogger Blog

            Facebook has recently released many plugins for websites and blogs. Facebook Developers has introduced their best social plugin ‘Facebook Comments Box’ for webmasters and bloggers. Know here how we can add this plugin in blogger blogs.

            You can embed Facebook Comments Box in any website or blog. This is very helpful plugin. With Facebook Comments Box, facebook users on your site can comment on your posts, post those comments to their facebook profiles and share them with their friends.

Add Facebook Comments Box in Blogger :
  There are few steps to get this done. Just follow the below steps and you will have a nice facebook comments box installed in your blogger blog.

Creating a Facebook App :
  • First go to Facebook Developers Page and click on Create new App.
  • Now Enter your App name and name Space and click on Continue.

  • Fill all required fields and in App Domain enter your domain name or (if you have a blog).

  • On the same page copy your App ID and save it on notepad. After saving your app id, scroll down and click on Save Changes. You are done with creating facebook app/application.

Adding Codes to Template :
  Now we have to add some java script and html codes in blogger blog template.
  • Open Blogger in your browser and Go to Template section (backup your template before proceeding).
  • Now Search for  and replace it with the following code. 

  • Find  in template and add the following code just below it.

Note: Replace YOUR_APP_ID with your app id you noted down in notepad.

  • Now search for  and add these meta tags just above it.

1.) Replace KB Tricks with your blog/website name.
2.) Replace Your_Blog_Logo_Image_Link with your blog/website logo image URL.

3.) Replace Your_App_Id with your app id.
4.) Replace with your facebook page URL.

  • Now search for below code.

  • If you find 3 occurrence of the above code, then add the below code after the first occurrence. If it don’t work, try with second occurrence and so on.

1.) Replace 550 with your desired width of box.
2.) You can change color scheme from light to dark.
3.) To hide blogger comments, go to Blogger Dashboard –> Settings –> Post and Comments and set comments section hide.

  • Now Click on Save to save your template and settings.
     Now Facebook Comments Box is on your’s blog. If you have any kind of problem about this article, tell us by comments. If you like this article, Share it with your friends. Also Subscribe to our daily updates..

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22 Comments on “How to Add Facebook Comments Box in Blogger Blog”

  1. Satheesh Kumar

    Kulvir, you added a link back to your site after the code for the facebook comment. That was tricky but unethical..also it wikl affect your search engine rankings adversly after the googles panda update

  2. Vipin Nair

    Just started another blog to check fb comments.
    I followed all the steps u mentioned here.

    its not working.
    No error no warnings.
    Please help me.

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