Use your own picture as the background of Window Log-in Screen

                   Instead of the regular Windows background, you would like to use one of your own pictures right at the time of log-in. Unlike in XP and Vista, In Windows 7, you can change the background without having to use any external softwares or 3rd party softwares. Let know here.
             You can easily change and customize Window’s Log-in screen with your own picture. For that, you must activate a function in the registry and then integrate a photo of a suitable size.
Preview of Changed Screen

Change Log-In Screen :

  • First, click on Start and select Run and enter regedit and press Enter.
  • now, go to the following key :


    • On the right side in the window, search for the value ‘OEMBackground’. If that is not available, create it using ‘New > DWORD-Value’ and Name it as ‘OEMBackground‘. Now, double click on the new entry to edit, change its ‘value’ from 0 to 1 and press OK. Now close the registry. 
    Registry Editor

    • Now open Run again and type the below address in it and hit Enter.


    • Now create a new folder ‘info‘ in the oobe folder. Now create ‘backgrounds‘ new folder again in the info folder.

    Address o the folders

    • Now copy your desired picture and paste it in the ‘backgrounds’ folder.

           Note :- 1. The format of picture must be JPG.
                      2. The name of the picture must be backgroundDefault.
                      3. The size of the picture must be less than 256 KB.
                      4. The width and height of the picture must be 1024 x 768.                           

    • Now you have done all these steps. You can view your picture when window id starting up or shutting down.

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    adminUse your own picture as the background of Window Log-in Screen

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