How to Merge Two or more Facebook Pages into One Page

               If you own one, two or more Facebook pages and want to merge them into one page. This option is available for those pages that represent the same name and same thing. Know here to merge two Facebook pages.

               You can only merge facebook pages with fewer likes into higher likes page. The merge option will combine likes of pages. The content on the page with higher likes, remain unchanged. Once you merge two or more pages, you will not unmerge them.

Merge Facebook Pages :

  • Make sure that those pages will represent the same name or same thing. Now open that page with higher likes.
  • When it opens, click on Edit Page from top of the page and select Update Public Info.

  • From the left side bar of the page, click on Resources.
  • In Resources, click on Merge Duplicate Pages under Develop you page.
  • Now follow the instructions of Facebook and your page will be merged. Say your friends about this blog.
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adminHow to Merge Two or more Facebook Pages into One Page

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